This past Monday, October 31 was the much anticipated unveiling of the largest expansion project in YYC history, with the opening of the new International Terminal Building. This event also revealed one of GEC's latest collaborations with YYC: the YYC LINK & passenger shuttle system, a 700m long multi-modal airside passenger link which includes the YYC Link Route, moving walkways, and traditional corridors.

The YYC LINK passenger shuttle will physically connect passengers between the 5 Concourse, easing the process of navigating the airport and minimizing passenger travel times. Designed from the ground-up, our team has developed a unique design for the system that includes custom barriers, finishes, and lighting, and a vehicle that represents innovation in internal transportation at YYC.The passenger fleet includes 20 shuttle vehicles, each with a capacity to carry 10 passengers with their carry-on luggage. By design, vehicles will be leaving each station every two minutes on average. The service is supported by technology that will inform passengers when to expect the next vehicle at their station, and how long it will take them to get their destination.

Next time you’re at the airport, take a seat and enjoy the ease and convenience of the new YYC experience!