GEC believes in engaging internal and external stakeholder groups to gather insight and listen to what our clients and users have to say about their project. In 2014, we worked with a diverse group of six stakeholders to complete a Sector Plan for the University of Alberta’s family housing at Michener Park. The Sector Plan was intended to identify potential development and redevelopment sites, and to identify the required linkages to adjacent communities. 

We worked with the students, the University Project team, the community, the City of Edmonton, and two public school boards. The new plan focused on the integration of the student housing with the adjacent community through a new bioretention system and linked courtyards.  At the centre of the development is a shared amenity building which allows the surrounding community to meet and interact with students.

The University of Alberta had a goal of accommodating up to 25% of its full time students. The plan focuses on family housing as well as attracting international and graduate students, which creates a uniquely multi-cultural and family-oriented development. In addition, we developed a detailed financial model to lay the framework for future development.