GEC’s design of the new Vecova Centre for Disabilities and Research in Calgary! This inner city site is being reimagined into a brand new facility for Vecova’s users and the citizens of Calgary.

In its almost 50 years in operation in Calgary, Vecova has striven to create inclusive places for people with of all abilities and needs. The evolving expectations of its clientele, the aging infrastructure of the existing facility and the mandate for Vecova to provide an inclusive environment for all people regardless of ability has led to the need for a new Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research. Envisioned as a community hub that supports the needs of the public through wellness, rehabilitation, social innovation and employment support, this new building will reach a broader range of users and enhance their delivery of services.

The new facility will provide over 15,000 square metres of new wellness, employment support, and living support space for Vecova’s clientele, new administrative space for Vecova’s centralized operations, and social innovation space aimed at expanding Vecova’s integration and synergies within the broader community. The project also anticipates a new Recycling Centre as a stand-alone facility to house their state-of-the-art sorting technology.