Bonnybrook Waste Water Treatment Plant Lab Expansion

Legacy Project | Client City of Calgary | Location Calgary, AB | Completion 1995


Fully operational labs throughout the construction process.

The Bonnybrook Waste Water Treatment Plant Lab Expansion consisted of 1100m2 of new lab space and 400m2 of existing lab space renovated and reconstructed to meet the program requirements.

The laboratory analyzes samples from the wastewater treatment plant itself to assure compliance with relevant environmental standards and to monitor various aspects of the treatment process. In addition, the laboratory analyzes field samples from industrial sites and from storm sewer outfalls.

These process labs have a number of components that must comply with more stringent requirements than normal wastewater treatment plant analysis labs. The lab expansion was intended to meet the projected needs of the City for 15 years, and has done so for the past 11 years. It will continue to meet the needs of the City alongside the new Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.