Bonnybrook Biosolids Dewatering Plant

Client City of Calgary | Location Calgary, AB | Size 21,000m2 | Completion 2017


This facility houses treatment equipment for the dewatering of biosolids, which will be moved by truck from this facility to the Organic Waste Campus (composting facility).

The architectural design of the Dewatering Building is intended to integrate itself into the overall campus of the Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant. This objective is addressed in two ways: first, through the use of complementary materials including red brick and metal panels; and second, through building massing consistent with the simple rectangular and cylindrical forms of the existing WWTP.

Selection of the east side of the building to house the treatment equipment arose from the parcel’s site lines to surrounding roadways and cardinal direction. By locating the equipment here and introducing a transparent material, passers-by will engage with the campus experience as a whole. The eastern cardinal direction is also conducive to the application of glazing due to its low sun exposure resulting in a low solar heat gain.