Chinook Transit LRT Station

Client City of Calgary | Location Calgary, AB | Completion 2013


A vibrant transportation hub and future Transit Oriented Development.

The Chinook Transit Plaza is the first major implementation of the Chinook Station Area Plan’s vision of creating an important civic place that is walkable, beautiful, and vibrant. In 2011, GEC began work as designer and coordinating consultant to comprehensively redevelop Chinook Station and the adjacent transit plaza.

The project’s goals included reinventing the transit plaza to align with the long-term vision described in the Chinook Station Area Plan, creating a vibrant and livable public place, improving safety for patrons, developing a new bus station, and reimagining the LRT platform and canopy. The redeveloped facility was designed to dramatically improve the user experience by focusing on transparency, light, and visibility. The LRT station head was removed and the canopy was redeveloped using the existing structure to support a new transparent roof. The bus facility was designed to complement and enhance the station area and the plaza.