Jasper Place Transit Centre

Client City of Edmonton | Location Edmonton, AB | Completion Ongoing


The Jasper Place Transit Centre was constructed in 1980, located mid-block perpendicular to Stony Plain Road at 157 Street. This creates a unique urban condition resulting in a through block connection to 100a Avenue minimizing the Transit Centre’s street frontage on Stony Plain Road. Adjacent to Butler Memorial Park the Transit Centre is a node within a mature neighbourhood in need of positive urban redevelopment to be welcoming to

Jasper Place Transit Centre currently operates primarily as a district transit centre from which the majority of the routes serve west Edmonton. The urban environment needs to be considered to enhance the sustainable integration of the facility into the existing urban fabric and create a welcoming pedestrian environment that will encourage consistent use of the facility.

The Jasper Place Transit Centre is located on the future Valley Line West Extension with the closest station on 156 Street. GEC design will consider how the relationship between the future LRT Station and the Transit Centre can function today and in the future. 



2018.01 - A Place For Everyone!