Londonderry Mixed-Use Redevelopment

Client Capital Region Housing Corporation Location Edmonton, AB | Size 12,740m2 | Completion 2021


A new model for affordable housing. 

Capital Region Housing is setting the bar high with the new Londonderry Mixed-Use Redevelopment project in Edmonton. The new development will include 240 new units consisting of an even mix of market-rate, affordable (20 percent under market), and social housing units. The development aims to be a sustainable model of subsidized housing to provide a place for gathering and community. 

The design aims to encourage people to meet a build community by being arranged in an X formation to create two separate courtyards. One courtyard will be open to the public for spontaneous gathering or on-site services such as daycare. The other will be semi-private and include a community garden.



2018.10 - Londonderry Breaks Ground

2017.08 - Social Housing Regeneration