Louise Station Fire Hall

Client LaCaille Group / City of Calgary | Location Calgary, AB | Size 1,275m2 | Completion 2010


Proactively preparing emergency planning for future growth.

The Louise Station Fire Hall at the Solaire Towers was designed and built with long-term planning in mind. With the two existing downtown fire stations operating at full capacity, there was a need for another fire station to reduce the stress on the two existing stations serving the current population as well as providing strategic resources and placement to accommodate future growth, particularly in the west end of downtown Calgary. The Louise Station site was recognized as the only immediately available site that met the Fire / EMS location criteria with adequate access and egress.

Louise Station Fire Hall Station is designed with a 3-bay vehicle/apparatus area, capable of housing ambulances, pumper trucks, water rescue apparatus, and the Bronto aerial truck. Adjacent to the main entry, there is a health assessment area and offices for community outreach programs, as well as an office and dorm room for EMS personnel. The second floor is furnished with accommodations for 13 additional personnel, a full kitchen, exercise room, as well as a media and training centre.

This challenging program required that a number of intricate Building Code, bylaw, servicing and access issues were addressed to ensure the three fundamentally separate buildings could function independently, yet appear as a single, comprehensively designed building.