Hockey Canada Event Level

Experience the rush. 

CLIENT Hockey Canada
SIZE 1689.5m2

The Hockey Canada Event Level is a suite of spaces which tie into the essence of Hockey Canada's mandate and mission to Lead, Develop and Promote positive hockey experiences on an International stage through the value of hard work, determination and the Pursuit of Excellence. 

The Player's Shrine on the Event Level represents the ultimate achievements of Hockey in Canada and a testament to the players and athletes that made it happen.  Gold is the only language spoken in the Shrine and the ultimate motivator of Hockey Excellence. Birdseye maple was chosen to symbolically reflect Canada. The design of the Shrine is all about the prominence of the Gold trophy displays, winning team photos and the top notch quality of the space which plays host to players from across the globe and serves as a proud backdrop to numerous high profile press conferences. 

On either side of the Hockey Shrine are two identical sets of state of the art change rooms, dressing rooms, shower / grooming spaces, coaches offices, and work out facilities. The space has been finished to an NHL standard in order to attract the most gifted athletes to Hockey Canada programs. Extensive multimedia and training tools have been included such as a video classroom, electronic smart boards, and media / interview portals.

Each dressing room features custom player’s benches which encircle the room uniting players for game time. Hockey Canada’s logo is recessed into the custom flooring with a dramatic undulating ceiling overhead. The Custom maple veneer player’s benches glow with the built-in LED lighting. Each player has their own hidden storage bench seating, individual ventilation systems, and personalized nameplates


2013 - Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada Design | Innovation Award