Minto Bridgeland Condos

How do you combine impact and style to make a good first impression? Here's how.

CLIENT Minto Communities Canada
SIZE 14,400m2

The Minto development will contribute to revitalizing Bridgeland by providing retail and commercial space encouraging engagement and street level activity.   Working closely with Minto, we based the design on their market analysis to ensure the building provided the residents the amenities they need. The development has four important edges that required sensitive design solutions:  the design intends to create a pedestrian-scale commercial face along 4th street, an integrated residential streetscape facing Marsh Road, a residential streetscape on the 1st Avenue face, and a private residential courtyard along the west edge of the property to provide a transition between the adjacent residences and townhomes.

The driving factor for the building orientation and design was to create a development that created a natural transition between the residential development to the west and the commercial development to the east. This was achieved by placing the lower density development (townhouses) to the west, and high-density development (tower) to the east.