mount royal university
faculty of arts (east Wing a)

Setting the standard for the modern campus.

CLIENT Mount Royal University
SIZE 13,000m2

The East Wing A building at Mount Royal University was the first ‘stand-alone’ building to be built at the Lincoln Park Campus. As such, it sets the standard for new campus buildings, making way for a more urban, outwardly oriented campus. The East Wing A building provides the first defining edge of the Grand Campus Plaza. The building is constructed using two simple structural spans that allow for future expansion flexibility. A broad public concourse and informal student lounge open onto an arcade running the full 90-metre length of the building. From the arcade, south facing steps cascade onto the Plaza, creating a pleasant, 3-season place for informal gathering.

East Wing A is a three-storey building that includes general classroom facilities, computer labs for the University, and specialty laboratories for the departments of Archaeology and Behavioral Sciences. A Moot Court provides a variety of teaching scenarios for the department of Policy Studies. The layout of the third floor houses new offices and administrative spaces for the Faculty of Arts.

Common spaces within the building are intended to foster increased interaction between members of departments that are currently insular in nature.