Raven River Trout Station

Client Alberta Infrastructure | Location Calgary, AB | Size 5,700m2 | Completion 2012


Combining aquaculture, genetics and water treatment for a healthy trout population. 

After 75 years of operation, the Raven Brood Trout Station needs comprehensive upgrading to continue supporting Alberta's trout population. The goals for the new facility are to allow for significantly increased production, an enhanced work environment, improvements to the water distribution and re-circulation systems, a reduction of the station’s environmental footprint, and the addition of educational spaces.

The project is technically complex, combining large animal holding and rearing ponds, industrial-scale water treatment facilities, administrative space and interpretive functions under one roof. These disparate building sections are connected by a wide central corridor – with viewing into all of the production areas – that terminates in a gallery space.

Located on a beautiful wetland site, the building will be oriented to minimize effects of the sloping topography and reduce the visual impact of the structure within the natural environment. The building also takes advantage of its steeply sloping site to optimize hydrologic functions and reduce the need for pumping. A welcoming entry plaza leads into a new interpretive gallery that connects users to a new trail leading to the spring that the facility uses as a water source.