Legacy Project | Client Saddledome Foundation / City of Calgary | Location Calgary, AB | Size 40,400m2 | Completion 1983


An iconic landmark in Western Canada showcasing the best of winter sports for over thirty years.

The Saddledome brings people together from all over the world. Originally built for the XV Winter Olympic Games, the arena served as the prime venue for hockey and figure skating competitions. The 'Dome is currently the permanent home for the NHL’s Calgary Flames hosting thousands of spectators throughout the year. Fans flock to the 'Dome for National Lacrosse League games, Western Hockey League games, International Junior competitions, Stampede events, the Brier, National Figure Skating competitions, and concerts.

The Saddledome’s distinctive roof is an inverted hyperbolic paraboloid, constructed of lightweight precast concrete panels suspended by a cable network grouted and post-tensioned to form a monolithic structure. This system results in a clear spanning roof that is only two feet deep. The roof is a powerful and expressive form that provides an optimal balance of seats to the sides and ends of the ice surface within a compact building envelope to create the ultimate spectator experience from all angles.



2003 - Alberta Association of Architects | Chronicle of Significant Alberta Architecture

1985 - Montgomery Memorial Award

1984 - Pre-stressed Concrete Institute | Special Recognition Award